[Script] Checking the Percentage of Desktops Available in Each XenDesktop Site

When you manage multiple sites you may find that Citrix Director lacks an “at-a-glance” view of the status of multiple sites. This becomes extra apparent in a large pod-based design where multiple sites may exist within the same datacenter or in an active-active datacenter setup. With VDI, it is important […]

Resource Aggregation and Load Balancing in StoreFront 3.6

Storefront 3.6 brings a few important new features to the table. One of the three new features in the list is the ability to load balance non-identical sites or farms. Prior to version 3.6, all farms should have been publishing identical resources with load balancing enabled. This post will look […]



Updating Provisioning Services Bootstrap for Each Server in the Site

There are times where you need to configure the bootstrap information (or re-configure) for the servers in the farm. The bootstrap information can be updated in a few different ways. The first place you will encounter the bootstrap information screen is in the configuration wizard while configuring Provisioning Services if […]

Choosing a Provisioning Services Boot Option 1

Provisioning Services works by streaming an operating system over the network. This very basic premise empowers administrators to tackle incredibly powerful use cases, reduce storage costs and scale to phenomenal levels at a reasonable cost. However, in order to accomplish this, some “magic” needs to happen in order to get […]

Scripted Creation of XenApp and XenDesktop Admin Scopes and Roles

Often times it is necessary to set up multiple identical sites. One key tenant in enabling efficient IT delivery today is having automation. As administrators, you must find the balance between the need to automate and the deadline for delivery. To that end, rather than focusing on an end-to-end automated […]

Provisioning Services – Permissions A’hoy!

In an environment where security is delegated, you may need to know at a granular level just which permissions are needed to accomplish tasks within Provisioning Services. This is often the case when working in larger environments where the vCenter admin may be separate from the AD Team and Citrix […]

Updating Your Boot Device Manager (BDM) Partition with Provisioning Services 7.9 1

Provisioning Services has included support for a Boot Device Manager (BDM) Partition since version 7.0. There are some use cases where it is preferable to choose the BDM partition, and it is simple to do when provisioning machines using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard within the Provisioning Services Console. One limitation […]

Post-Synergy 2016: 7.9 Releases for XenApp and XenDesktop, Provisioning Services and More

Citrix has made good on their promises for their next iteration in their products, but sometimes it can be tricky to find what you’re looking for.  You can find the Provisioning Services download under the XenApp or XenDesktop product headers: Some highlights for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.9 – From […]