There And Back Again: A Family’s Tale: Part 6 – Adventure Into The Mountains

Adventure Into The Mountains The weather forecast called for clouds and rain, so I wasn’t too bummed out.  On arrival though, I learned a hard lesson:  Alpine climates change quickly.  The sky was crystal clear, without clouds to be seen.  Despite my blisters, which had painfully persisted since Wellington despite […]

There And Back Again: A Family’s Tale: Part 3 – A Plan Is Hatched

A Plan Is Hatched Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 We couldn’t do it.  By this point it was only early September, and we simply couldn’t wait until our planned trip in late November.  As we discussed our trip, we tried prioritizing activities and attractions.  It quickly became […]

There And Back Again A Family Tale: Part 1 – The Announcement 3

By Preston and Rebecca Gallwas Some of you reading this may have heard New Zealand either by Facebook post, word of mouth or in conversation, but may not know how serious we were… We have kept this close to our hearts. We have done so intentionally to avoid disappointment, temper […]