Space and Time (and NTP)

As I wrapped up a few changes and committed them to SVN, I asked my supervisor if there were any issues that were going to interrupt my next project on my list of stuff to do. He chuckled devilishly as I queried relentlessly for an answer, before responding that our director had been consistently wanting to make a priority of workstation time.

I had known since we implemented our 2008 Domain in May that we were not yet syncing to an external source, and NTP packets are blocked at the Windows firewall. As a result, the time for the domain differed from, say, cell phone service from Verizon by 2 minutes. After hearing that it was an issue of concern, I promptly modified the firewall and set the PDC to get time from Life was blissful as all machines will be updated by tomorrow. Mmm.

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /

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