Hyper-V First Impressions

I’ve recently had the inclination to give Hyper-V a go now that it wasn’t  only a release candidate.  After a brief setup and install, I was impressed with the responsiveness of the MMC snapin.  Compared to VMWare’s Infratructure Client (VIC) it is a huge difference.  VIC has on often crashed, hung, or otherwise frustrated me.  Performance wise, Hyper-V seems to be about the same as ESXi for us.  The differences, of course, are that I don’t have to store files on VMFS and I have complete control over the server, rather than only through VIC.  It is rather refreshing!

I am rather looking forward to Windows Server 2008 R2, because Hyper-V promises new features, including live migration.  VMWare is in trouble if that works well!

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