Windows 7 Impressions Continued

Today I took the plunge and installed W7 on another partition at work, now that the MS Employee posted the RSAT for the public beta. I was rather impressed at the speed at which it performed.

Also interesting is the new take on ADUC, called ADAC (Administration Center). I couldn’t get it to connect to our 2008 Domain, but I am assuming that is because it is expecting Server 2008 R2 Domain for all the new features.

Other than that, there are a few neat changes. I like the taskbar grouping. I have 4 monitors and the taskbar has been cumbersome in the past. I have been using a vertical taskbar to work for awhile now, so I can see more windows. With the new layout, it might be more efficient. Time will tell.

Additionally, there are a few little features like the “wiggle” a window to minimize to desktop that I’m currently finding out about.

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