When Under the Gun…

Now that our Network Operating System conversion project got a date that seems really close – February 3rd – I feel a bit of pressure, especially since my once-working task sequence built in MDT 2008 now “mostly” works.  I spent the better part of the day trying to troubleshoot why the domain join was no longer working, despite it prompting for valid username, credentials, and OU (and time and again my poor VM trying over and over with proper credentials and failing).  Eventually I added a recover from domain failure – manual – task in the sequence, manually joined the domain and proceeded.

I was then a bit shocked to see that my recently-deployed Windows Management Framework didn’t deploy from the internal WSUS server.  I haven’t checked the WSUS report or heard anything from the WSUS admin, so I figured that things had gone well.  The few servers I checked had installed properly, but my newly deployed and fully updated VM didn’t have Powershell 2.0 yet. 

I’m a bit reluctant to capture a whole bunch of stuff in the image as it pertains to updates as I’ve seen a forum post on technet today from folks recommending that users not update past a service pack for fear of changing build numbers and breaking a script.  I’ve yet to use a capture image, too.  Thus far I’ve simply used the base 2008 SP2 media and the task sequence – apparently, that is a no-no according to one post.

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