Powershell Remoting Again

The plan was simple:  Create a script to remotely rename several hundred machines to match the new organizational naming standard.  This would require pulling from several asset and employee databases as well as querying AD for user properties.  “Powershell should be great!”  The data pulls work fantastic, however, the rename not so much.  It seems Win32_ComputerSystem.Rename method doesn’t work remotely – and Powershell remoting isn’t actually like being on the local machine at all, apparently.  It is unfortunate that Win32_ComputerSystem doesn’t work remotely, and that we don’t have the Windows Management Framework deployed on the desktops so that we could simply run it as a login script.  Currently, we’ve got no way to restrict the powershell command prompt and we’re not keen on using software restriction policies just yet.  We’re examining the implications of deploying it to the organization.  Still, it is a bit of a letdown regardless that even with remoting it isn’t like being on the local system.  Looks like I may have to hack up some psexec solution.

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