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Perhaps the best resource (or at least the most fun for me!) has been working with the people in #Citrix (on IRC, not twitter!) on Freenode.  If you don’t know about IRC, perhaps you’re ultra young or you lived under a rock, but Wikipedia can help you out.  I invite all readers to join and check out what we have to offer.  There are a number of ways to get connected.

Getting Connected


Webchat is available from freenode and is available to anyone with a browser by visiting http://join.citrixirc.com or http://webchat.freenode.net/.  Webchat offers the ability to authenticate and pre-join a channel, which can be helpful, but if you’re a frequent visitor you might want to check out some IRC clients.  Once you’ve navigated to the webchat page, simply fill in a username, for the channel type #Citrix click connect and you’ll be ready to chat.

IRC Client

My preferred client at the moment is ChatZilla, which is available either as a Firefox add-on or through a launcher called XULRunner.  ChatZilla has been around a long time and is very mature.  It includes robust view support, logging, BNC connections and a healthy scripting engine.  Other popular options include mIRC (shareware, but perhaps the most used client IRC client of all time), xChat (trialware for Windows), and IceChat.


If you prefer using Slack, head over to the CitrixIRC Slack page to register as a user of the CitrixIRC Slack Team.  Slack is a collaboration platform that has become popular in recent years and has excellent client support on multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Web and Mobile.  Slack supports a variety notifications.  The integration with IRC is completed via a “bot” that relays all text from Freenode IRC to Slack and back.  If you are in IRC, you will see <Slackbot> <Username> “text”.

Getting Help

Remember, we all work (in one form or another I’m sure!) so people aren’t always watching chat.  When you join, remember to state your product (including version if you can) and question.  There is no need to ask for permission to ask your question.  If no one replies right away, stick around and see if someone can help.  It may not be instant support, but it can beat spamming F5 on the forums.

Becoming a Regular

So you’ve joined freenode and #Citrix a few times and decided it is a helpful resource.  Perhaps your next step is to become a regular!  This is most often done by registering your nickname and always joining with that.  Freenode supports “nickserv”, so you can register your nickname through it by typing /msg nickserv register .  This will register your current nickname with the password you supply and confirm it with an e-mail to your address.  Don’t worry, you won’t, its not some spam harvesting trick and you’ll receive no unsanctioned communication from freenode.
When you join in the future, you can either authenticate using the webchat page, or, if you’re using an IRC client, by typing /msg nickserv identify .  It’s safest to type that command into the SERVER window, not a channel, so a typo doesn’t give away your password.
You can also check out the log and the CitrixIRC website!
Hope to see you there!

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