ImageX deprecated – Use DISM!

Today I was trying to replace my hard disk in my laptop with a solid state drive.  I have usually done quick images with ImageX, which was introduced with Windows Automated Installation Kit back with Windows Vista.  I loaded up my trusty WinPE and attempted to use ImageX to capture the image but I was greeted with a string of ‘Unable to read extended attribute’ messages that ultimately led me to cancel the imaging process.

I searched a bit and found that ImageX has been deprecated, instead its functionality being integrated into DISM.  In my case, I used the following command:

dism.exe /capture-image /ImageFile:myimage.wim /captureDir:D: /name:myimage

Restoring the image is much the same.

dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:myimage.wim /ApplyDir:D: /name:myimage

Check out the technet docs for more info.

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