Citrix Project Avalon – Excalibur: The future of XenDesktop and XenApp

At Citrix Synergy Barcelona several announcements were made regarding Project Avalon.  The first tech preview will be available November 1st, which is set to unify XenDesktop, XenApp and other components and reduce from 22 consoles to two – Director and Studio.  Synergy TV has the replay of the Project Avalon Deep Dive, which I am currently watching.

While I am excited for these changes, I am anxious to hear what the future of PVS is going to be.  Thus far, I’ve seen only slides that show “PVS” for current 6.5/5.6 Xenapp and XenDesktop products, but no mention of if it is eliminated in favor of MCS.  I certainly hope not as PVS is quite slick.

In addition to simplification, Excalibur will support Server 2012 as Infrastructure or delivery servers, as well as Windows 8 desktops.

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