Using Citrix Provisioning Services and Powershell to Create Test XenApp Applications

Citrix Provisioning Server 6 and above provide disk versioning, which is extremely useful for ensuring you can properly test your updates before moving to production.  I created the script below to duplicate all of my published applications so that I may launch them from the test server(s) I have booted.

get-xaapplication| copy-xaapplication folderpath “Applications/TEST”;

get-xaapplicationfolderpath “Applications/TEST” | %{remove-xaapplicationaccountbrowsername $_.browsername -accounts (get-xaaccount browsername $_.browsername) }

get-xaapplicationfolderpath “Applications/TEST” | set-xaapplication workergroupnames AllFarmTestServers

get-xaapplicationfolderpath “Applications/TEST” | %{add-xaapplicationaccount browsername $_.browsername -accounts (get-xaaccount AccountDisplayName Contosouser”)}

get-xaapplication folderpath “Applications/TEST” | Enable-XAApplication

You will need the XenApp 6.5 SDK  to use it, but it is very handy to be able to create all your applications in the blink of an eye.

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