Monthly Archives: August 2013

“A STA or WI DBS configuration exists. Unset it first” Error When Adding Load Balancing Server

The XenDesktop 7 Setup docs clearly specifies that Director and other components can be installed on the same machine, but for redundancy and scaling you can split them up as needed.  As our environment has 2 delivery controllers, I wanted to setup a load balancing server, but when I attempted […]

Redirect Citrix Web Interface Services Site to Storefront with Rewrite on Netscaler 2

Our deployment includes Windows Embedded and Windows ThinPC clients that use the Citrix Desktop Lock to connect to our XenDesktop environment.  The Citrix Desktop Lock requires a services site, otherwise known as legacy support in Storefront.  In XenDesktop 5.6, this worked well and we connected to our internal site via […]

HP Intelligent Provisioning for ProLiant Servers

We’ve been an HP Shop for years and I very frequently sing their praises.  HP servers are equipped (possibly over equipped) with sensors and redundant components.  That’s valuable for our organization not because of a 24/7 uptime requirement, but rather a limited administrative staff and budget.  We don’t have n+1 […]