Skip the Boot Menu in Provisioning Services

In Provisioning Services, you can configure the stream service to skip the vDisk boot menu to select the default option for target devices.  This feature can be useful when configuring a dedicated maintenance or test target device, bypassing the need to select the boot option when using vDisk versioning.  If you’re still not on the versioning train, it is time to climb aboard!

To disable the boot menu, you must edit the registry, as explained in CTX135299.

  1. Set the boot option as the first option in the start menu.

    • On all Provisioning Services servers till 6.x, open the Registry Editor and browse to HKLM\Software\Citrix\ProvisioningServices.

    • On Provisioning Services servers 7.x, open the Registry Editor and browse to HKLM\Software\Citrix\Provisioning\Services\Stream\Process.

  2. Right-click Provisioning Services > click New DWORD Value “SkipBootMenu”.

  3. Double-click the new DWORD and type Value data of 1 ( a value of 0 will enable normal boot menu behavior ).

  4. Close the Registry Editor.

  5. Restart the Citrix Provisioning Services Stream Service on the Provisioning Services server(s).

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