Adding RDS Assigned Virtual Desktop User to SCVMM 1

When working with RDS VDI scenarios using VMM, it may be helpful to have a view of which users are assigned to persistent desktops.  Using the extensible power of Virtual Machine manager, you can easily provide this information to all of your virtual machines.  The script below can be run on a schedule to keep this data in sync or as part of an automation workflow.

First, you must prepare the property you will use.

Once this has been done, schedule/run the following script manually

Once completed, you’ll be able to customize your view to see this property (right click the column headers to add another)



This can also be done for POOLED desktops, but this version does not remove users once they’ve logged off.  More tinkering is needed to fix that.  One method is to blank all settings in the VMs, but that requires significant filtering.  The downside as well is it generates a lot of jobs, and despite the documentation, -JobGroupID is not supported on the Set-SCCustomPropertyValue cmdlet.


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