Citrix Brings the Love In February–Announcing XenApp / XenDesktop/Provisioning Services 7.8 and StoreFront 3.5

The much awaited improvements to StoreFront have arrived shedding the moniker “StoreFront 3.1 Tech Preview” and instead opting for StoreFront 3.5.  This release brings significant UI improvements as well as a gaggle of enhancements including optimal gateway routing for zones.  Kudos to Citrix to delivering these much desired features and manageability enhancements!  More info here.

In addition, the next release of PVS is available in the form of 7.8 – with numerous “important” fixes as well as definitive support on Hyper-V Gen2 as well as UEFI boot, which were previously available but noted as having the potential to be removed in the future.

Finally, XenApp and XenDesktop 7.8 bring a number of new features and enhancements, including AppDisks.  AppDisks allow for a new deployment scenario where you can “layer” your apps into an image without having to install them, increasing flexibility and helping to reduce the number of master images required.  Additionally, App-V support will no longer require App-V infrastructure to publish applications via Citrix (Ya baby!).  More info over here.

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