Provisioning Services

Citrix Brings the Love In February–Announcing XenApp / XenDesktop/Provisioning Services 7.8 and StoreFront 3.5

The much awaited improvements to StoreFront have arrived shedding the moniker “StoreFront 3.1 Tech Preview” and instead opting for StoreFront 3.5.  This release brings significant UI improvements as well as a gaggle of enhancements including optimal gateway routing for zones.  Kudos to Citrix to delivering these much desired features and […]

Provisioning Services 7.6

PVS 7.6 made it’s debut with a rather large version jump for what seems like relatively minor changes but a host of fixes.  The “What’s new” documentation boasts support for SQL 2014 and AlwaysOn, as well as PVD Test mode.  The download can be found at, log in, click […]

Quick and Dirty Powershell Script to Check PVS Write Cache Sizes

Using this script you can go to Excel, Data, Import from Text, select Latest.txt, pivot table. Then all you need to do is click refresh in Excel after running this on whatever schedule you want.