Group Policy

Managing Your Local Administrator Passwords The Correct Way

Some ideas take a long time to realize.  Unfortunately, one of those has been a good way to manage local administrator passwords.  System admins the world round have developed scripts to randomize and change the local administrator password of their systems.  Others ensure the local administrator password is disabled, but […]

Citrix / VDI Pilot – The XenApp / XenDesktop Install process

This is part 3 of an ongoing series of posts to document and describe my journey implementing Citrix VDI with XenApp.  Part 1 Part 2.Once our hardware was selected, we worked with our Citrix partner for implementation to ensure we followed established best practices.  We used the recommended hotfixes list when […]

Unexpected Group Policy Behavior

One of the things we need to provide is an environment where computers behave one way for a certain group of users in a lab and another way for the same user in a different lab. In order to centrally manage that, we began utilizing Group Policy. We have users […]