Power Management and Performance for Virtual Machine Hosts

Sometimes little things slip through, especially when you’re in a rush.  We recently discovered excessive CPU latency was affecting performance on a number of SQL servers on what should have been otherwise sufficient hosts.  The cause wasn’t immediately clear, but since we began monitoring the servers with Veeam Management Pack […]

HP Intelligent Provisioning for ProLiant Servers

We’ve been an HP Shop for years and I very frequently sing their praises.  HP servers are equipped (possibly over equipped) with sensors and redundant components.  That’s valuable for our organization not because of a 24/7 uptime requirement, but rather a limited administrative staff and budget.  We don’t have n+1 […]

VMWare ESXi – First Impressions

We started setting up our VMWare ESXi environment today using an HP DL580 G5 server, along with an HP DL380 G5 Windows Storage Server (with iSCSI target). We installed and updated the iSCSI target today and set up a target immediately. Then we installed the Virtual Infrastructure client and attempted […]