Windows Storage Server, DAS, iSCSI target

Well, it is official: We have our iSCSI target set up on our DL380 G5 WIndows Storage Server. Our final specs ended up as follows: HP DL380 G5 Windows Storage Server1 Quad-Core Intel Chip (2.2ghz)2GB MemoryMSA 60 w/ 12 750gb drives (9.6tb total) We configured the initial volume for RAID5 […]

VMWare ESXi – First Impressions

We started setting up our VMWare ESXi environment today using an HP DL580 G5 server, along with an HP DL380 G5 Windows Storage Server (with iSCSI target). We installed and updated the iSCSI target today and set up a target immediately. Then we installed the Virtual Infrastructure client and attempted […]