Linux partitions, cont.

I mentioned I was having difficulty the other day expanding a Linux partition. Apparently there was an error with the file system before the resize, and it was compounded by parted expanding the partition. I was able, however, to install a fresh OS and use the reiserfs fsck (forget the […]

Squid, Kernels, VMI, Oh My!

So the saga with squid continues. I am now fighting with NTLM authentication. According to the documentation, I should be able to use Samba/Winbind with an authentication helper to authenticate to a Windows Domain. What does that do for us? The cache log will show username rather than IP address, […]

Enter the Kraken (Squid Cache!)

It seems that Squid cache is living in the past. With support for only a single core and support for SMP only loosely on the horizon, we were looking for ways to improve the performance of our Squid proxy / filtering server which we use for filtering. To overcome the […]

Frustrations with x64 (in)Compatability

Today we were configuring Squid on a RHEL 5. box. Building from source, we knew we’d get a nice 64-bit Squid caching server, ready to quickly process the cache and what have you. We run a filtering plugin from Secure Computing, which had to be compiled in with it. Unfortunately, […]