Updating Your Boot Device Manager (BDM) Partition with Provisioning Services 7.9 1

Provisioning Services has included support for a Boot Device Manager (BDM) Partition since version 7.0. There are some use cases where it is preferable to choose the BDM partition, and it is simple to do when provisioning machines using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard within the Provisioning Services Console. One limitation […]

Post-Synergy 2016: 7.9 Releases for XenApp and XenDesktop, Provisioning Services and More

Citrix has made good on their promises for their next iteration in their products, but sometimes it can be tricky to find what you’re looking for.  You can find the Provisioning Services download under the XenApp or XenDesktop product headers:  https://www.citrix.com/downloads/xendesktop/product-software/xendesktop-79-platinum.html Some highlights for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.9 – From […]

XenDesktop 7.8–Unable to Create “Large” Machine Catalog 1

:Update: 6/1/2016 this is Now fixed as of PVS 7.9 – adding machines to a catalog as large as 3750 now functions as expected. There was a bug “recently” fixed in 7.6 where you could not create a machine catalog of more than 999 devices.  However, that limit seems to […]

Chuwi Hi12 Tablet Review

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid review.  Though Chuwi is welcome to send me demo equipment for reviews 😉 I ordered the Chuwi Hi12 tablet with keyboard on March 6th 2016 from BangGood.com.  I first had heard about this tablet through WindowsCentral and then checked the post at  TechTablets.com, who […]

A Tale of WordPress on Azure Websites 2

Years ago when I migrated this blog from the old “unNetwork.blogspot” to AtumVirt.com, I decided to use WordPress.  And why not?  Azure had a slick “deploy” feature for the website from the gallery, which promised to do the web hosting, configuration, securing, and updating.  Couple that with WordPress having update […]

Provisioning Services BDM Creation Limitations

There are definitely pros and cons to using the various PVS boot options.  If you aren’t familiar or need a refresher, here they are: TFTP (with DHCP or PXE options) Create a Boot Device (BDM) using the included utility Let PVS XenDesktop Setup Wizard create a BDM partition/drive For the […]

Citrix Supportability Pack

A shout out to the greatest KB article in a long time – finally an all-in-one (or just about) pack of the best support tools for your XenApp or XenDesktop environments. http://support.citrix.com/article/203082 Check out the description over at the Citrix blog announcement.

Adding RDS Assigned Virtual Desktop User to SCVMM

When working with RDS VDI scenarios using VMM, it may be helpful to have a view of which users are assigned to persistent desktops.  Using the extensible power of Virtual Machine manager, you can easily provide this information to all of your virtual machines.  The script below can be run […]