About the Author

Focused and motivated, Preston Gallwas has worked with a wide array of technology with over 12 years of experience in servers, virtualization, and networking technology. Over the years he developed an interest in Citrix’ NetScaler and XenDesktop. Eager to learn ready to tackle any problem he has specialized his skills within the Citrix portfolio and is fluent with XenApp, XenDesktop, NetScaler, XenMobile, ShareFile, Provisioning Services and a host of other supporting technologies such as AppSense DesktopNow.

Preston Gallwas was the first Citrix Specialist in Mobility in the entire West region as well as being one of the first in the nation to succeed in passing the Citrix Networking for Datacenter practicum to help earn Right! Systems the distinction of being a Citrix Specialist in Networking for Datacenter. In addition to these rare distinctions, he also holds the highest networking, virtualization and mobility certifications offered by Citrix.

Preston’s skills are not limited to the Citrix portfolio only. In addition to his experience in the areas of servers and virtualization, his knowledge drives deep into other areas including Active Directory, identity federation, VMware vSphere, Microsoft private cloud and monitoring. These skills allow him to design, assess and optimize environments across the entire stack that affects the end user experience.

Prior to joining Right! Systems, Inc., Mr. Gallwas worked at Puyallup School District as the lead server and security analyst implementing and supporting mission critical systems and infrastructure, such as Citrix XenDesktop, NetScaler, XenApp, VMware infrastructure, Active Directory, storage area networks and line-of-business applications.


Community Efforts

Having grown up with technology at hand, Preston was active in online discussions at a young age.  Preston began online in varying degrees as early as 1994 and was an active participant in early internet culture, including chat rooms and actively learning code to develop “Personal home pages” while in grade school.  As he grew, Preston was quite active in online forums for internet gaming and was quite comfortable socializing online.

In the professional world, Preston began actively participating in forums and online discussions early in his IT career to lean on the knowledge of others in order to problem solve and develop deeper understanding of the technologies he was working with.  Starting with Novell NetWare at the Puyallup School District, Preston participated in forums, newsgroups, and contributed solutions back to the Novell user community.  In later years, Preston started the “UnNetwork” blog to share some code snippets and other experiences and musings centered around IT.

In 2011, Preston’s Citrix XenDesktop pilot program with the Puyallup School District was gaining steam and his need for rapid answers to questions led him to #Citrix on Freenode IRC (IRC being one of his preferred social platforms from gaming platforms in years past, it was a natural fit!  It is also where he began using the online handle Atum in 1999 on the multiplayer gaming service “Mplayer” and later IRC).  The community members in the chat channel helped him through various technical issues and that collaboration proved invaluable.  Expanding on this professional collaboration, Preston decided to adopt the name as his official online handle for his IT-related contributions, becoming a permanent fixture in #Citrix as |Atum|, renaming his twitter account to AtumVirt (Atum was taken, after all, and the topics centered around app/desktop/server virtualization at the time), and migrating the UnNetwork blogspot content to the newly minted www.atumvirt.com.

Since those earlier days, Preston has become an active contributor in a variety of forums and conferences, helping individuals from all over the globe solve issues related to their deployments whenever he is able.  Preston’s enthusiasm for community engagement and contributions have earned him membership among the Citrix Technology Advocates, a group recognized by Citrix for their community contributions.

Preston can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, reached via the AtumVirt contact form, Citrix Discussions, Reddit and of course as |Atum| in the Freenode IRC channel #Citrix.